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Do you undertake research into regional topics, family history or local history? We can support you in your work or provide information and advice on searching. "Open Access" is of prime importance to us, which is why the Zentralbibliothek has developed the Zurich Open Platform (ZOP), an Open Access repository to support research activity beyond academic institutions. This platform combines our mandate to collect national cultural data and our commitment to free access to information for all. ZOP contains digital cultural heritage data from the Zentralbibliothek and other knowledge and heritage organisations like the cantonal Departments for the Preservation of Historic Buildings and for Archaeology.


Providing access to our holdings and cultural mediation are key tasks of our Turicensia Department. Explore fascinating exhibitions in our Turicensia space. The Turicensia Lounge and its reference library are the perfect place to browse and discover. Twice a year it hosts our series of events «Zürich im Buch».

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Zurich Bibliography

Want to find out more about the place where you live? Writing a biography or a historical novel? The Zurich Bibliography is a key source for Turicensia and a treasure trove of information about Zurich’s regional and cultural history. Our workshops offer advice about using the Zurich Bibliography and help with your personal research.

Gottfried Keller Bibliography

Are you interested in Gottfried Keller? The writer and politician from Zurich is a major focus of our collection. His literary oeuvre and research literature are documented as completely as possible in the Gottfried Keller Bibliography.

Turicensia Lounge – for everything about Zurich

In our Turicensia Lounge reference library you will find a wealth of non-fiction books on topics related to Zurich as well as fiction by writers from Zurich, plus periodicals and regional and local newspapers.

Publishers’ book archives

The Turicensia Department holds about 90 publishers’ book archives from Zurich-based publishers. Publishers’ programmes reflect the cultural and economic conditions of literary production but also reveal their distinct thematic and design identities.


The collection of Turicensia since 1800 comprises titles on Zurich as well as media by writers based in Zurich and publications that appeared in the canton of Zurich. It includes:


You can find the following Turicensia holdings here:

History of the holdings

One of our main tasks is to collect media from and about Zurich. The basis of the cantonal library that was established in 1835 was the library of the dissolved canon monastery. To this were added the holdings of the University of Zurich, the Gymnasium Library, the Industrial School and the Veterinary School. In 1863 the cantonal library acquired the library of the former Benedictine monastery at Rheinau. When the city and cantonal libraries merged to form the Central Library, the new institution also acquired the Zurich collections of the city library and the holdings of various libraries of Zurich-based societies. Today, all the departments of the Special Collections collect, archive and provide access to Turicensia. The Turicensia Department was set up in 2013 to focus more intensively on the post-1800 holdings of the collection.