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How does music get from the Moon to Zurich? What are white fish doing at Zurich’s Sechseläuten festival? And who was trailed around Zurich by fifty Stasi agents? The answers to these questions and more can be found in the Zurich Bibliography. You can search by geographical area and topic. All titles are displayed in swisscovery UB und ZB Zürich.

Use the interactive map to find titles on the communes and city districts of Zürich and Winterthur. Titles relating to the canton as a whole can be found here.

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Archive of the Zurich Bibliography

Are you looking for books, newspaper articles, DVDs and other media on topics related to Zurich? On the Zurich Open Platform (ZOP) you can find all printed volumes of the Zurich Bibliography from 1878-2011 as PDF.

Workshops on the Zurich Bibliography

The Zurich Bibliography is an important source for regional history research and an treasure trove for anyone interested in the regional and cultural history of Zurich. Want to find out more about the history and culture of the place where you live? Writing a biography or a historical novel? Interested in Zurich customs? Learn more about the Zurich Bibliography by attending our workshop “The best of Zurich”.

History of the Zurich Bibliography up to 2011

From 1878 to 2004, the Zurich Bibliography was published as part of the pocket book of Zurich. After that and until 2011 it was issued as a separate annual publication (ISSN 1661-8637). Since 2012 the Zurich Bibliography has been an online publication, listing titles from 2005. There is a bibliography of people and places covering the years 1990 to 2004. Since 2021, the Zurich Bibliography is also included in the metacatlog on historical and modern collections in Swiss libraries and archives swisscollections.

Swiss Cantonal and Regional Bibliographies

For an overview of historical Swiss cantonal, regional and specialist bibliographies, see the Swiss portal for Historical Studies This site lists all bibliographies registered.