“Zurich doesn’t just need outstanding universities: it also needs modern libraries offering expert advice. That’s why the City of Zurich provides financial support to libraries and is involved in the Zentralbibliothek’s patron association. The ‘ZB’ is the perfect place to research, learn and share ideas – for researchers and for anyone in Zurich who wants to do so.”  – Corine Mauch, Mayor of Zurich

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About the GFZB

The association “Gemeinsam für die Zentralbibliothek ” ("Together for the Zentralbibliothek”, GFZB) steps in when there are no public funds available for an urgent project or an important acquisition. By becoming a member, you help to enable public podium discussions, technical innovations for information transfer, or the purchase of unique objects for the historical collections.

Zurich’s city library was established by liberal-minded citizens in the 17th century. Upholding that tradition, the GFZB sees itself as a form of active citizenship and as a third member of a trio, along with the Canton and City.

Our activities

Over recent years, the GFZB has enabled the following projects:

  • Financing and awarding of the GFZB funding prize for outstanding theses in MAS Library and Information Science. (2023, 2025, 2027)
  • The launch of an ETH Zurich augmented reality app for ZB exhibitions. It provides an innovative complement to the museum visit and allows users to delve more deeply into the stories that the individual objects have to tell. (2022)
  • Launch of the Escher talk discussion series focusing on research topics of major societal importance. (2020)
  • Equipping the ZB’s teaching rooms with laptops and touchscreens for interactive communication. (2018)
  • Acquiring facsimiles of books and special issues such as “Hundert Zürcher Ansichten”. (marking the anniversary year in 2017)
  • Installing a thoughtfully designed lounge in the reading room where users can read newspapers and periodicals from all over the world. (2011)

A modest contribution makes a big impact!

Would you like to support our historically important institution and its valuable collections? Make your contribution to the ZB by joining the GFZB. Simply register by e-mailing gfzb@zb.uzh.ch or use the form. 

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GFZB collective members


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Eigler


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Babusiaux
Prof. Dr. Peter Nobel
Dr. Lena Oetjens
PD Dr. Islème Sassi
lic. phil. Anna Schlosser
lic. phil. Verena Wyss Meili