Ordering via the swisscovery research platform

swisscovery provides access to a total of over 30 million books, series , journals and non-book materials as well as more than 3 billion electronic articles, and links scientific libraries from all over Switzerland. swisscovery  is operated by the Swiss Library Service Platform, SLSP.

Many SLSP libraries are linked together by the SLSP courier service. You can collect and return media from participating libraries at any library in the courier network.

For an overview of courier fees and delivery times, see Fees.

Ordering from other libraries in Switzerland and abroad

If you have been unable to order books or copies via our Rechercheportal or swisscovery, our interlibrary loan service offers you professional help with obtaining literature from Switzerland and abroad.

To order books and other loanable media, please send an e-mail to fernleihe@zb.uzh.ch. We need at least the following information: title of work, author, year and place of publication and edition (if a specific one is required). Please also indicate whether you are interested obtaining your order from abroad (increased charges). A user account in the SLSP network is required for this service.

For an overview of courier fees and delivery times, see Fees.

Interlibrary loan services for libraries

What items do we send by post?

  • All documents from our holdings that can be borrowed for home use, excluding DVDs.

We do not send:

  • works that are 100 or more years old
  • Master’s theses (categories Lic phil I and Master)
  • unbound periodicals

We can only send newspapers if they are available on microfilm and were not published in Zurich.

Digitised versions of out-of-copyright books (published before 1900) should be ordered via eBooks on Demand.

For items from the special collections, staff of the collection concerned will decide whether copies or an interlibrary loan can be arranged.

Information for Swiss libraries

Swiss libraries wishing to create a user account should contact SLSP direct via swisscovery@slsp.ch. They can then order direct via the Rechercheportal (selecting “Postal dispatch” as the pickup location).

Information for foreign libraries

Send us your orders and extension requests via e-mail.

The fees for our interlibrary loan services can be found in the overview of fees.


Interlibrary loans