About us

The Zentralbibliothek Zürich Digitisation Centre specialises in professional scanning of library holdings including manuscripts, old books, graphic works, maps and sheet music. We also scan the title pages and tables of contents of new acquisitions at the Zentralbibliothek and other institutions.

We combine many years’ experience in handling valuable originals with modern equipment, allowing us to produce high-quality digital materials while minimising wear and tear. We have the right scanner for every object we scan. Professional colour management throughout the production process guarantees the best possible scan quality.

DigiZ also provides support for the ZB’s public scanners and copiers.


Orders and commissions

DigiZ only accepts orders for items from the Zentralbibliothek collections.
Please place your orders via ILL or the Special Collections.

For material from the Special Collections, contact:

Rare Books: altedrucke@zb.uzh.ch

Prints and Drawings: graphik@zb.uzh.ch

Manuscripts: handschriften@zb.uzh.ch

Maps: karten@zb.uzh.ch

Music: musik@zb.uzh.ch

For books, periodicals and newspapers from the general collections, contact:


Printed books that are no longer subject to copyright (published before 1900) can be ordered via eBooks on Demand (EOD).

We reserve the right to refuse digitisation of delicate materials for conservation reasons.

Research projects

We also supply digitisation services for large-scale university research projects. The ZB is committed to providing research services, and supports and advises researchers from the time they submit an application. We supply practical assistance and technical expertise for innovative solutions that offer benefits for research projects.

For research projects that require more than 100 scans, we recommend contacting us as early as possible, and certainly no later than when putting together the research application. We will talk to you to analyse exactly what you need and develop the appropriate solutions (image data and metadata, data formats and transfer, etc.). We will also supply reliable figures for the time and costs involved. allowing projects to provide research sponsors with precise documentation of costs, production and delivery times.

To arrange a consultation, please contact the Digitisation Production Manager:

PD Dr. Jesko Reiling


+41 44 268 31 74

The following issues are relevant to planning:

  • What ZB holdings are involved? Please provide the call numbers and, if possible, page numbers and linear metres.
  • Brief description of the project
  • Duration, deadlines and current status of the project

The Zentralbibliothek may decline to digitise media for reasons of conservation or the like.

Already digitised

Many original documents from our holdings have already been digitised and are available free of charge on the following platforms:

Please note the relevant terms of use

Delivery times and prices

The Digitisation Centre aims to process your order as quickly as possible. You will normally be sent a download link within one working week. Larger orders will take longer to process.

For prices see the current price list. By sending us the completed order form you undertake to pay the invoice we will send you.


Advice is also central to the services we offer. Our specialists have many years’ experience in scanning a range of materials and we make our expertise available to GLAM institutions (galleries, libraries, archives and museums).

To arrange a consultation, please contact the head of the Digitisation Centre: