01. December 2018 - 01. April 2019


Themenraum Turicensia
Zähringerplatz 6
8001 Zürich

Opening hours

Montag bis Freitag 8-20 Uhr*
Samstag bis Sonntag 9-17 Uhr*

* Vom 21.11.22 bis 15.01.23 erweiterte Öffnungszeiten:
Montag bis Freitag 8-22 Uhr
Samstag bis Sonntag 9-19 Uhr

Zurich 1918

Four years of war lead to many changes for the people of Zurich, with radical upheavals in the economy, politics, society and culture. The effects of the conflict include inflation, food rationing, unemployment and growing impoverishment of the labour force – social tensions that, in November 1918, explode into the general strike. The outbreak of Spanish flu further exacerbates the emergency. In the cultural sphere, meanwhile, Zurich is becoming a place of international exchange, creating fertile ground for new artistic and literary movements. The best-known of these is Dada.


  • Anita Gresele, lic. phil.
    Head of the Turicensia Department
    Exhibition curator
  • Roberto Alliegro, lic. phil.
    Deputy Head of the Turicensia Department
    Exhibition curator