We collect widely

We are both a university library and a library for the city and canton. We therefore collect academic literature on all the subjects taught at the University of Zurich with a particular focus on the humanities and social sciences. At the same time we offer a wide range of popular literature – from travel guides, biographies and crime novels to feature films on DVD – all with a particular emphasis on Zurich.

We look for quality

A large team of experts – our subject specialists – are responsible for selecting the media. They cover a wide range of subject areas. Our acquisition policy is based on the following criteria:

  • current academic topics
  • demand from the University of Zurich
  • the needs of our users
  • long-term key collection areas

These are based on the Zentralbibliothek’s detailed acquisition policy. The 2019 collection strategy sets out which media we acquire electronically and which in print.

We acquire for the long term

Our acquisition policy is designed to ensure continuity and balance. We continue to build on historical holdings and key areas and place great emphasis on long-term archiving of our holdings, both printed and electronic. Our acquisition policy makes an important contribution to providing a comprehensive, reliable and enduring body of information, making us a central element of the library network in Zurich and across Switzerland.