03. May 2017 - 02. December 2017


Schatzkammer der Zentralbibliothek Zürich
Predigerplatz 33
8001 Zürich

Opening hours

Montag bis Freitag, 13-18 Uhr
Samstag, 13-16 Uhr

Anniversary exhibition from 3 May 2017

Sechseläuten, Zwingli, banks, Knabenschiessen …: the Zentralbibliothek’s anniversary exhibition looks at the distinctive elements that have made the city of Zurich what it is today. As visitors enter the Treasury, the boundaries between past and present, truth and legend, objectivity and subjectivity, all begin to blur. A pastry seller meets Mayor Rudolf Brun, while Alfred Escher encounters medieval love letters and Charlemagne. Valuable, special, everyday and amazing documents from 1,000 years blend into a mosaic that gradually reveals the unique character of the city of Zurich.