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Dienstag, 09. Februar 2021
17:15 - 18:45 Uhr


The perfect storm - challenges for research libraries in the coming decade

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Since several years the question is frequently asked, whether libraries have a future in the digital world. In the meantime, it should have become clear also to sceptics that neither printed books nor libraries will disappear in the foreseeable future. The question of how the future of libraries could look like is much more interesting and relevant. In my presentation, I would like to discuss a series of challenges that we should face in this decade. In this context, a key question will be whether research libraries are actually in the position to play a central role in the Open Science world, and if and how we can keep control of our data in an environment of high market concentration. Thanks to the Open Science movement, information retrieval and access are more and more often located outside the library environment and within external digital services – services that are likely to fall progressively outside the libraries’ control. This raises questions concerning transparency and reliability, which are crucial for the self-perception and users’ perception of libraries. In my presentation, I will deal with these and other questions related to the digital evolution, as well as with a report of my present work on the implementation of a ten-year strategy for digital transformation in the Consortium of the British research libraries.