«The ZB provides information services to the scholarly community and to the general public, reflecting contemporary best practice and responding to the evolving needs of our users which determine our policy. We play a leading and active role in advancing cooperative projects and work in close partnership with the scholarly research community. Our interaction with the University of Zürich accentuates our role as university library. And, as designated library for the City and the Kanton of Zürich, we also participate in the Digital Transformation which is changing how information is organised, disseminated and used, as well as how Knowledge Management functions – this also pertains to our rich collections of cultural heritage objects which we are making accessible in new ways.»

Christoph Meyer, lic. iur. RA, Vice Director & Director ad interim

Current Professional Focus

  • Directorial representation
  • Stewardship and development of organisational processes in the ZB Zürich, notably those related to Human Resources
  • Administrative Manager with particular responsibility for the   departments in the ZB Zürich pertaining to Legal Issues, Human Resources, Finance, IT Services and Facility Management 

Curriculum vitae

1983–1989 Degree in Law, University of Zürich

1990–1991 Zürich District Court

1991–1995 Zürich High Court

1995 Zürich Bar Exam

1995–1998 Department for Youth and Career Services, Kanton Zürich: Deputy Head of Department

1998–2001 Department of Education, Kanton Zürich: Human Resources Manager

2001– Zentralbibliothek Zürich: Vice Director

Boards and Committees

  • Administrative Board of the Kooperative Speicherbibliothek Schweiz AG (Cooperative Library Storage Company) 
  • Vice President of the Association of the Swiss Social Archives
  • Executive Committee of the Pestalozzi Libraries Zürich
  • Executive Committee of the Museumsgesellschaft Zürich
  • Board of the Czeslaw Marek Foundation
  • Board of the Schnyder von Wartensee Foundation
  • Member of the Legal Commission of bibliosuisse, the professional association for Swiss libraries
  • Member of the School Board, Kantonsschule Zürich Nord