11. November 2010 - 26. February 2011


Predigerplatz 33
8001 Zürich

New and unexpected items from the map collection

In a world without maps we would soon lose our bearings. Diagrams and maps of all kinds translate abstract spatial data into directions we can understand. They take many and varied forms, as the Map Department of the Zentralbibliothek Zürich reveals in a novel display of the various ways to present information. It is a journey through four worlds:

  • For globetrotters 
  • Related views of the world 
  • Fictional worlds 
  • A changing world

A particular highlight is a walk-through cylinder in which visitors can experience a panorama of Zurich from the 19th century and see for themselves how things looked back then.

The Map Department of the Zentralbibliothek Zürich has an impressive range: together with the holdings of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) it makes up one of Switzerland’s most important map collections and one of the world’s largest collections of panoramas. In addition to services for spatial planners and researchers, it also offers information for travellers to destinations both far-flung and closer to home.

Accompanying publication (CHF 20.00)

Exhibition concept: Map Department