Acquisition Policy

Acquisition policy of the Zentralbibliothek Zürich

The Zentralbibliothek Zürich (ZB) has a long-term acquisition policy focusing on quality, continuity and balance. The ZB's acquisition policy aims to establish and develop the library as a historic institution. The Zentralbibliothek is an academic and public library and sees its role as a universal library covering all subjects. It is open to all scolarly ideas and to all philosophical and political persuasions. The ZB attaches great importance to maintaining the continuity of its collections and does not only focus on the demands of the day. Collections and special areas of interests that have grown over a period of time are continued and constantly updated. With its balanced collection the ZB attempts to devote equal attention to all interests.
Individual acquisitions are assessed by specialists who judge the quality of the content, publisher/author and the suitability of the work for the ZB's collection against the collection guidelines which are drawn up for each individual subject. Anticipated demand is also taken into account in an acquisition decision.
As a university library the ZB has a comprehensive mandate to collect academicand research-relevant literature for all subjects taught at the University, paying particular attention to inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary literature. In its capacity as cantonal and city library, the Zentralbibliothek acquires literature designed to inform, train and educate interested members of the public. The ZB is an active part of the Zurich and Swiss library networks and endeavours to coordinate its acquisitions with other Zurich libraries (seminar and institution libraries of the University, the ETH Library, the Social Archive and the Pestalozzi Library).

The criteria described here apply to all media formats, print as well as online.

Consortium of Swiss University Libraries

The central task of the Consortium is to license electronic information products (electronic journals, databases, e-books) for its partner libraries.